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Network Administrator Job Description

Job Description

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Support network data communications, digital voice and video infrastructure. Troubleshoot and configure network devices including switches, routers, firewalls, IPS and IDS. Liaise with vendors, third party professional services and ISP or carriers to resolve network related issues.

Custodian of network devices, IP schema, network documentation and remote access services ensuring compliance to network availability and performance Service Level Agreements.


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  • Provide specialist router and switching infrastructure support.
  • Monitor network infrastructure for performance and availability.
  • Provide data networking (routing and switching) skills to the organization. (may include routing support for rip, eigrp, ospf, is-is or bgp. May also include layers 1 and 2 such as ADSL, ATM, frame relay, ppp, hdlc, ipsec).
  • Support adds/moves/changes to network infrastructure including routers, switches, firewalls and IPS/IDS.
  • Perform application impact analysis. Analyze the application traffic patterns and determine the impact to production links.
  • Create and support QOS (Quality of Service) on the Network.
  • Carry out network hardware installations including router, switch and firewall installations.
  • Liaise with carriers and service providers to correct WAN faults.
  • Liaise with internal and external business units to identify requirements and determine business impact.
  • Liaise with vendors for warranty claims, operating system bugs and feature upgrades and roadmap activities.
  • Network fault corrections including OSI - Layers 1 to 4.
  • Provide maintenance and support as required.
  • Provide advice and technical support on network matters.

Key Competencies

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  • Situational Analysis
  • Customer Consideration
  • Problem Solving
  • Managing Tasks
  • Specific Technical Knowledge
  • Service Level Agreements

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Employer Demand


45% Knowledge of network security devices such as Firewalls
30% Excellent written and oral communication skills
28% Knowledge of core concepts (TCP/IP, Hexadecimal, Binary or Subnetting)
26% Knowledge or experience with related network services (DHCP, DNS, NAT, Remote Access)
25% VPN experience
25% Wireless networks knowledge and skills
25% Voice over IP knowledge and skills
17% Knowledge or experience with layer 2 technologies such as STP, MPLS, DSL or Frame Relay
6% WAN Acceleration knowledge and skills,
2% Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot


Employer Demand


15% Degree
10% CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate
10% CCNP - Cisco Certified Network Professional


The following salary indicators were found for this role;


Roles Not Requesting a Degree

Roles Requesting a Degree

Top End

Network Administrator Salary $59K - $66K $63K - $75K $75K
Contract Rates $41h - $49h $75h

Key Personal Attributes

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Because the network is a core component of almost all IT services changes and outages often have a high organizational impact. An excellent network administrator is both responsive to the situation that is presented but also proactive in identifying and recommending risks before they become issues. This can be achieved by putting in place the correct type of monitoring and processes to respond to the monitoring as well as by analyzing the network design and recognizing key points.

Attraction to the Position

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This role provides interesting and challenging work that promotes continued learning and self improvement.

Staff Retention Strategies for Employers

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Staff members occupying this role may feel pressured from;

  • Constantly 'putting out fires'
  • Feeling responsible for network devices that often fail or underperform
  • Not having a deep enough understanding of the technology and feeling that the 'buck stops with them' when it comes to resolving problems
  • Feeling pressure from frequent carrier related problems that reflect poorly on his/her own performance

Advantage Alert

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Network security skills are complimentary to routing and switching and are sought after by almost half of employers advertising this role.