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Student Cover Letters for IT jobs

Student Help Desk Cover Letter

In this example the graduate open with a clear, concise purpose of the cover letter and proceeds to use the following paragraphs to draw parallels between his experience and personality with the skills required by the advertised position.


Dear Mr Jones,

I wish to apply for the position of Desktop/HelpDesk Analyst as advertised on

As you will see from my resume I have demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office applications. This includes the installation and troubleshooting of the high school desktops where I volunteered to assist the IT department staff. Whilst my troubleshooting was primarily on Windows XP desktop, I also gained exposure to Vista. In addition to my volunteer work I have also undertaken additional studies to begin my Microsoft certification (MCP). I have applied much of this knowledge on my home computers and look forward to continue advancing my career skills.

As specified in the advertisement, my claim to strong analytical skills are reflected by high grades in Mathematics and Information Technology subjects. I have also pursued extra curricular activities by way of volunteer Information Technology work to develop these skills and wish to continue on this enjoyable learning path.

I have an easy going character with well developed written and oral communication skills and a strong drive to learn and succeed. I would welcome the opportunity to present myself at an interview.

Thank you for considering my application,

Job Candidate

Student Web Developer Cover Letter


Dear Mr Smith,

I wish to apply for the position of Web Developer as advertised on

My grade 12 finals results included a High Achievement in English and Information Technology where the curriculum included the creation of flash graphics, embedded graphics and HTML coding. Using the Microsoft Office software as a delivery tool for my schoolwork, I have attained a high level of proficiency using basic and advanced features.

Iím very enthusiastic about the prospect of a contract position using the WYSIWYG editor, optimizing images, utilizing my Microsoft Word skills and increasing my experience with HTML and hyperlinks. The repetitive nature of the position will give me the opportunity to learn the technologies intimately while increasing my experience in the industry.

Thank you for considering my application. I would welcome the opportunity to present myself at an interview.

Job Candidate

Graduate Programmer Cover Letter


Dear Sir/Madam,

Your advertisement in on 30 November for the position of Graduate Programmer was particularly appealing. I wish to apply for the vacancy and submit my details for your consideration.

My background, as outlined in the attached CV, enables me to meet your requirements. Four years of College included advanced C# programming and HTML. My final year commercial project involved designing and writing an user interface for a proprietary system previously developed by CompanyX Pty. Ltd. The client was extremely impressed with the results and their reference is attached for your perusal.

In addition to my university experience I am currently developing a monitoring system in C# as a home project. The system utilizes the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to graph and report on network impairment using a custom made formula. I believe that the system will be useful for gamers who rely on low latency links for a richer experience.

Thank you for your consideration. I would welcome the opportunity to present myself at an interview. I can be contacted on 4433 22233 222112 (mobile)

Yours truly,
Job Candidate

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