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  • Where do I start?

    They say that the Nobel Prize for Science is not awarded to those with the best answers, but rather to those who asked the best questions. The prospect of starting out in such a large and complex industry will no doubt prompt many questions. And we are here to help you navigate your way through those as effeciently as possible.

    The 30 second elevator pitch on all things IT careers

    • You may be surprised to learn that some jobs in technology are technical but many jobs are not.
    • University degrees are awesome. But if you are not in a position to attain one you can still have a very lucrative career in technology by completing professional certifications (see below for a definition on professional certs).
    • Non-technical technology skills include management, project management, analysts and graphics.
    • Technical skills focus on specific areas including programming, service desk and infrastructure.
    • There are many different career options in any single area
    • Salaries range quite significantly from ~30k per year to ~300k per year.
    • Remuneration is closely aligned with demand, skills and experience.

    What is a professional certification

    A professional certification is designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task. In the IT industry, professional certifications typically focus on specialist areas such as networks, databases, programming or servers.

    How does one become certified?

    Professional certifications can be attained by completing short courses and exams. They are typically created and managed by technology vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle. There are some vendor agnostic certifications also available such as Comptia.

    What is IT Pathways

    Much like healthcare and finance, the information technology industry is a knowledge industry. Career success relies heavily on your ability to navigate the market and sell your skills effectively. IT-Pathways was designed to help new and experienced technology professionals to do that more effectively.

    I don't need help

    A cyclist could still ride without a lycra outfit, but they lose the advantages such as comfort and aerodynamics that the attire provides. Similarly, expensive golf clubs are used in the same way as cheap ones but they contain cutting-edge technology that is more forgiving of mis-hit shots. IT-pathways provides the same kind of advantage to new and experienced technology professionals. It's intended to enhance your outcomes either by providing information to make more informed decisions or to provide a baseline for comparison (e.g. our skills data and resume samples).

    It's just another opinion

    Ah, that's where we differ. Sure, we have a ton of opinion driven articles. But what's really powerful about the site is that its built on a foundation of an "IT Careers Research Database". We have people who surf the net and record all manner of detail about IT job advertisements around the world. We literally have tens of thousands of records and use that data to determine what the IT industry is REALLY saying about skills, qualifications and duties. All our job descriptions, skills pages and qualifications pages reflect the results from these queries. Furthermore, our cover letters and resume samples also reflect the demand that our research database highlights so they are more likely to hit the spot with employers and well worth using as a comparison tool against your own job application documents.

    Help me, I'm lost

    Here are some handy links; This page groups roles based on transferrable skills. If you drill down into one of the three categories you will see a list of relevant jobs. skills This page is quite unique. It groups common jobs (e.g. client facing jobs, technical jobs, management jobs etc ) and then provides the qualifications demand for each grouping. qualifications. It's an excellent industry summary. This page provides a list of jobs based on category. It's intended to allow the user to drill-down into specific roles to better understand what the market wants from those roles. job descriptions If you are interested in browsing career articles the best way is to use our search facility provided on the front page. home.

    Who is the site useful for?

    The site is equally as useful for job candidates, technology professionals, students & graduates, recruitment agencies, HR departments and managers.

    Why we are different
    "We are all experienced technology industry people. The site was started and run by industry "insiders" who were simply asked once too many times to 'help a friend get into IT' and instead of repeating the same information we produced a website that turns out was useful to many others." To your success, from the team at it-pathways