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Word Processing Skills

Word Processing Skills describe the ability to create, manipulate or modify electronic documents.

Typical abilities demonstrated by someone with word processing skills are:

Typing speed - measured in Word Per Minute (WPM). An acceptable WPM score varies between jobs and employers but as a general guide we have found that 30WPM+ is commonly requested. Manipulate page layout such as colors, margins, headers & footers, font & paragraph formatting, inserting pictures, watermarks, symbols, bullet points and inserting heading types into a document. Manipulate page content - changing page orientation, cut & paste blocks of text, section breaks & page breaks and inserting frames. Using word processing proofing tools such as spell checker and thesaurus as well as find and replace functions.

Demonstrating Word Processing Skills

Experience producing business documents is a great way to demonstrate word processing skills. If experience is lacking, naming the functions much the same way that the bullet points above describe some key word processing functions is a good way of showing word processing skills in a job application.

Word processing skills and spreadsheet applications (MS Office)

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