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Customer Service Skills

Customer Service Skills are a combination of abilities that together address a customers needs with reference to a product or service. The key metric in customer service is the satisfaction rate. Even if problems and issues cannot be immediately resolved the customer can still have a sense of satisfaction and confidence that a process is under way to address the issue to his/her satisfaction.

The words customer service were found in 46% of client facing Information Technology job advertisements. Examples of client facing jobs include help desk and service desk roles.

In a common keyword analysis of 61 advertised help desk jobs, the word service was the most common with a frequency count of 31.

In non-customer facing roles, this phrase is less common. An analysis of 1001 Information Technology jobs across all fields revealed that the words customer service appeared in 11% of job advertisements.

Typical abilities demonstrated by very good customer service representatives are;

  • The ability to defuse a volatile situation
  • The ability to instill confidence
  • The ability to promote a brand by way of demonstrating professionalism
  • The ability to build rapport with a customer
  • Clarity in communication
  • The ability to decipher a technical problem despite an emotive description
  • Assertive and polite

Demonstrating Customer Service Skills

Any jobs that include customer engagement can be used to demonstrate the aforementioned key abilities. Demonstrated examples of any of the key abilities together with a positive outcome for the customer as well as the employer are a good way of showing excellent customer service skills.

Here is an example of a job applicant addressing his ability to defuse a volatile situation;

e.g. An irate customer called to dispute the value of an invoice sent to his premises. After a short conversation it became clear that he was not aware of the extras purchased with his service. I assisted him by informing him of company policy on changes of service. This empowered the customer to rectify the situation to his satisfaction and with my managers permission the small administration fee was waived. The customer was happy with the result and we expect he will remain a subscriber to the service for some time.

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