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Previous Experience

Skills and duties relevant to the advertised position have been developed and utilized primarily in a commercial environment. The candidate is able to demonstrate the implementation of those skills, the quality of the implementation and the progressive development of the skill over a period of time.

One of the most important factors in demonstrating previous experience is the ability to detail practical examples of the skill in use. This includes regular situations as well as difficult, stressful or complex scenarios.

Credibility is also a key issue when describing previous experience. Providing details as well as a number of different references helps to produce a credible account. For example - In order to demonstrate previous experience with computer hardware a candidate may reference work in a computer store as well as upgrades to his home computer. Whilst the latter is not nearly as important as the first example (working in a computer store), it does help to reinforce the message.

Non-commercial sources that may help to demonstrate previous experience may include home projects, unpaid work experience, club memberships and duties, hobbies, courses, training and interests.

Previous experience in a pre-sales capacity as a Solutions Architect or Consultant

Further Reading on Skills

Word processing skills and spreadsheet applications (MS Office)
Windows Skills or Experience
Email client skills (Microsoft Outlook)
Provide Mainframe support
Customer Service Skills
Problem Solving Skills
Proficiency in Active Directory
Previous Experience
Knowledge of Blackberry phone and Blackberry applications
Knowledge of VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
Excellent Communication Skills
Knowledge of Network Basics
Monitor Network Performance
Experience with network devices
Programming Language
Troubleshooting Skills
Knowledge of the SDLC Methodology
Develop Requirements