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Knowledge of VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

Virtual Private network skills generally refer to the ability to configure and troubleshoot IPSec VPN. This includes phase 1 ISAKMP SA (Security Association) and phase 2 IPSec SA establishment. It may also include fringe technologies such as the ability to configure routing protocols over the IPsec VPN and knowledge of encryption standards.

IPSec VPNs can be used for site to site connections or host to site connections. An example of a host to site connection is a remote laptop connecting to a corporate network using a VPN. This VPN is often IPSec.

Other VPN skills may include MPLS VPN which consists of an understanding of VPNv4 routing (MPLS tag + IPv4 address) or tunnelling technologies such as GRE, DMVPN, pseudowire or IPIP protocols.

The precise type of VPN skill required should be determined by the type of role and the description in the job advertisement. For example, a help desk analyst will most likely be required to understand remote access IPSec VPNs for remote assistance whilst a network architect may require knowledge of MPLS VPN.

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