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Graduate Software Developer Resume

Introduction and Background

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Although this graduate studied a much broader curriculum, this resume focuses on software development skills only. This includes knowledge acquired in university and any paid or unpaid work experience that utilized these skills.

Career Objective

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To get to work as a software developer using the professional knowledge gained through my Bachelor of Information Technology degree and work as a junior support person. I intend to work hard as a beginning or junior member of a development team, helping design and Implement solutions to business problems, learning from successful developers.

Certifications and Training

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Professional Certifications

  • 2011 - MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer ) on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


  • Bachelor Degree in Information Technology

    Major - Software Engineering

  • My course of study at IT Pathways University included information science and technology, software engineering and quality assurance. I successfully completed coursework in computer fundamentals, mathematical modeling, and engineering principles and ethics.

    Technical aspects included C++, Javascript, CSS, CS4 and RDBMS database structures as well as markup languages including HTML and DHTML XML and XTML. The curriculum included database design methodology and techniques, software development and design methodologies, distributed systems, and graphical interface development.

    Additional education in high level and management skills were included, such as corporate communications, ethics, problem-solving, as well as teamwork and project management. Also addressed in greater detail were specific development considerations such as cost containment, reliability, feasibility studies, code maintenance and reliability. Owing to community involvement at B.U., I was fortunate to interact with and learn from people already working in scientific, business environs, and education, engineering and industrial settings in order to gain insight into the nature of their work, and as preparation for my own entry into the field of software development upon graduation. From that experience, I was able to identify my preferences, realizing also that any of those would provide a satisfying career opportunity, for differing reasons, and am excited to begin work.

Employment History

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Casual Contracts as Developer

Successfully completing 5 small web site development and repair contracts in the last two years, for which I was modestly paid as a contractor. The work amounted to approximately 400 hours of paid development.

Company Pty. Ltd. - Application Support 2011 & 2012 (Unpaid Work Experience)

Interned at AXYSOFT for two consecutive summers taking software support calls and questions, and assisting in level one problem resolution and escalations, with opportunities to participate in development projects taking meeting notes, publishing meeting minutes and reports. Technically, this experience helped to develop my Javascript and CSS programming.

Corportation XYZ. - Support Analyst 2012 (Part Time)

Working part time at the B.U. application support team as a support analyst for 6 months during my senior year in order to gain hands-on experience. This experience included .net and exposure.

Technical Skills

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  • C++, Javascript, CSS, CS4 and RDBMS database
  • Visual Studio 2010 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

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