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Introduction and Background

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It is reasonable to use some technical jargon such as routing protocol acronyms to describe technologies, technical skills and experience. But ensure that the resume is also legible to non-technical staff as it is likely that a manager or recruitment agency will evaluate it.

The size of the network as well as any critical features such as high availability, high throughput, SLA compliance, security compliance or voice convergence should be mentioned in the resume.

It should be tailored to the advertised job to ensure that key skills and criteria are highlighted.

In addition to technical skills employers also value organizational skills. For this reason the resume may mention (if applicable) related fields such as:

Change Management, Risk Management, Reporting, Monitoring, Service Level Agreements, Project Management and Security experience.

Career Objective

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To build on my three years of enterprise telecommunications experience and CCNA certification and become an expert level engineer.

Certifications and Training

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Professional Certifications

  • 2009 - Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)


  • 2008 - Bachelors Degree in Information Technology
  • Major - Data Communications

Employment History

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2007 to Current - Network Administrator

Organization: is a leading private provider of Information Technology Career Development web content.

Network: The corporate network hosts 1500 users across 5 countries. International remote offices are connected via VPN connections and national offices are connected via a private MPLS VPN.

Experience: Hired straight out of University in 2007, I joined the network administrator team that is responsible for all LAN and WAN engineering and support. My role includes switch and router configuration, documentation, performance monitoring using IPSLA and Netflow technologies, liaising with vendors and carriers as well as troubleshooting.

I have also worked on the Disaster Recovery project as the network resource producing the design and implementation for the DR site.

In addition to extensive Cisco product exposure both on LAN and WAN, I was heavily involved with the Change Management processes for the initiation and approval of Network changes. This included liaising with Technical Architecture to ensure technology compliance and sending communications to stakeholders such as Managers and Business users.


  • Rapid Spanning Tree configuration across Cisco 2950 to 6500 switches.
  • BGP configuration on Cisco 7200 series and 2800 series routers.
  • OSPF configuration and troubleshooting on Cisco 7200 series and 2800 series routers.
  • Protocol redistribution configuration and support.
  • Static routing configuration and support.
  • IPSEC troubleshooting and support.
  • MPLS VPN troubleshooting and support.
  • Quality of Service (QOS) troubleshooting and support
  • IPSLA configuration and reporting.
  • Netflow configuration and reporting.
  • Knowledge and understanding of VRF
  • Knowledge and understanding of VOIP Call signaling
  • Knowledge and understanding of Wireless Technologies

Key Achievements

  • Completed the Core Stability project implementation where I replaced the core network infrastructure with two new Cisco 6500 switches in a VSS pair for high availability.
  • Designed and configured the network component of the Disaster Recovery site introducing redundant links for high availability.