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Project Manager Job Description

Job Description

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Identify, organize and lead a team in order to accomplish a business objective within the organization. Lead the planning and execution of client projects in business and IT operations improvement and life cycle IT software development. Champion communications between clients, IT and stakeholders.


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  • Create and present a business case.
  • Create/clarify/manage the project scope.
  • Negotiate and secure funding and funding milestones.
  • Monitor and report on the project status and financial performance.
  • Risk / Quality / Cost / Stakeholder Management.
  • Manage vendors, tenders and subcontractors.
  • Ensure project Quality Assurance (QA) compliance.
  • Project and resourcing scheduling.
  • Inspire, enable and motivate the team.
  • Create and update documentation including schedules, budgets and project plan.

Key Competencies

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  • Planning & Organizing
  • Judgement & Decision Making
  • Communications
  • Leading Others
  • Managing Tasks
  • Processes & Procedures

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Employer Demand %


57 Excellent written and oral communication skills.
34 Experience in leadership roles.
32 Broad knowledge process improvement techniques and principles
31 Financial budgeting and project financial management experience.
19 Knowledge and experience with Quality programs such as Six Sigma or TQM.
14 Robust presentation skills at all levels.
9 Excellent Project Sponsor and other stakeholders management.
9 Experience managing partnerships with suppliers and vendors.
9 Experience with Agile Methodologies
5 Demonstrated knowledge of project management methodologies such as Prince 2 or PMBOK
1 Demonstrated knowledge of Change Management frameworks such as ITIL.
NA Excellent knowledge and understanding of the Project Management life cycle and the respective deliverables including, but not limited to;

Create a business case. This phase maps business benefits to cost and effort. It details the business drivers that support the project as well as the risks of maintaining the status quo and delivering the project.

Define Scope. Defining a clear, unambiguous and feasible scope involves a lot of negotiation. This phase should deliver a universally understood document detailing the limits of the project. It is important to note that it is also just as important to list what is not in scope.

Write Requirements. Directly linked to the Business Case and Scope, the requirements should be written with exact outcomes in mind.

Write a Project Plan. As the name suggests, this phase details the approach that the project will take including the Project Management methodology, a work breakdown structure, a communications plan, identifying skills, time and costs.

Create a Project Schedule. This activity varies depending on the reporting structure in place. Managing resources, external parties, tracking expenditure and status reporting are some activities that an IT project manager performs in his/her job.

Implementation. This phase often involves negotiation with the change management board as well as organizing downtime, resources, access and other implementation necessities.

Closure. Project closure involves reporting on the ‘lessons learnt’, wrapping up financials, contracts and other resources and handing over to operational groups.


Employer Demand %


56 Degree
4 Prince2


The following salary indicators were found for this role;


Roles Not Requesting a Degree

Roles Requesting a Degree

Top End

Salary $93K-$102K $93K-$98K $150K
Contract Rates $54h-$57h N/A

Key Personal Attributes

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Project management is about delivering the right outcomes in a timely manner despite constraints such as limited time, resources or budget (or all). An excellent project manager ensures that the right outcome is very clearly defined and that delivery expectations are carefully managed throughout the life of the project.

Attraction to the Position

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This role is well suited to highly organized individuals who are delivery focused.

Staff Retention Strategies for Employers

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Frustration can be a key challenge for busy PMs with multiple disciplines to manage and varying motivations from stakeholders and project sponsors often conflicting. Employers should ensure that a robust project management methodology is adopted throughout the organization to help to give PMs, stakeholders and project sponsors a common platform by which to negotiate scope, funding and timeframes. Employers should also ensure that project resources are committed to their allocated time on the project.

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