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Data Center Manager Job Description

Job Description

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Take responsibility for the ongoing support, maintenance, performance and uptime of corporate data center facilities. Escort or ensure safety compliance of customers, contract staff, vendors and carriers that require access to data center facilities.


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  • Manage physical access to data center facilities and racks.
  • Manage external support agreements and liaise with vendors.
  • Provide and maintain data cabling and associated documentation within the data center.
  • Design, monitor and control heat dissipation through the strategic placement of key infrastructure.
  • Responsible for the proper upkeep of fire suppression systems.
  • Provide fire center safety training for staff and visitors.
  • Monitor power draw, ensure the proper upkeep of UPS and generators.
  • Design rack layouts and maintain relevant documentation.
  • Provide access and support to operational infrastructure staff.
  • Actively contribute to processes associated with the data center.
  • Manage on-call rosters and/or shift work resources as required.

Key Competencies

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  • Planning and Organizing
  • Strategic Insight
  • Record Keeping
  • Managing Tasks
  • Specific Technical Knowledge

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Employer Demand % Skill
TBA Demonstrated experience with data center cooling, power and UPS, fire suppression, cabling and racking.
TBA Demonstrated knowledge of Change Management frameworks such as ITIL.
TBA Service contract negotiation skills.
TBA Understanding of information security.
TBA Knowledge of green IT initiatives.
TBA Strong knowledge of UTP, Fibre Optic, Serial and Coaxial cabling standards and limitations.
TBA Ability to engage property management and facilities management on building related issues.
TBA Ability to engage property management and facilities management on building related issues.
TBA Documentation and process control knowledge.
TBA Manage all documentation, new implementations, hardware upgrades and planned maintenance.
TBA Monitor and address the data center network health.
TBA Assess, evaluate and make recommendations on data center technologies, security, risks and efficiencies.


Employer Demand Qualification
Cabling Certifications


The following salary indicators were found for this role;

Role Roles Not Requesting a Degree Roles Requesting a Degree Top End
Contract Rates N/A

Key Personal Attributes

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This role is suited to diligent people with a very high level of attention to detail.

Attraction to the Position

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This role normally has a high level of visibility amongst senior management and a healthy balance between technical solutions, management and task organization.

Staff Retention Strategies for Employers

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Two very different difficulties can confront a DC manager. The first is a very busy job due to unkept, mismanaged or old equipment with regular failure. This constant pressure can be difficult over a long period of time. The second difficulty is one of boredom. New challenges may be scarce due to the very specific scope of the job.

If boredom is an issue, employers may seek to keep DC managers informed and involved in operational support matters in order to maintain skill levels in different but related areas.

If constant pressure due to downtime is an issue employers may seek to assist by cross training operational staff.

Advantage Alert

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No advantage alert at this time.

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