The magic of body language – and how to practice it

The power of body language and simple exercises that help.

We all know the dread of walking into your interview. Your back is stiff with stress and the manager suspects you might be a robot. You finally make it into your seat and the awkwardness is as apparent as the sweat droplets on your forehead. You swear you could talk coherently just an hour ago. The interview and your potential boss seem a mile away – a different world.

Nerves always play their part in horrible interviews but you may be overlooking an essential part of interview success. So, what are we missing?

The answer to your question is a positive, physical impression through non-verbal communication or; any form of communication that does not use your mouth – and in terms of interviews, that is the magical, body language. Use of Body language is hypothesised to have served humans as an effective means of communication for thousands of years – and is set to serve us for thousands more. But why? And how is it relevant to interviews?

Well apart from the obvious – used to express or enhance a message – body language initiates a complicated bodily process that produces a domino effect of chemical release within a room. Assuming various behaviours become stimuli to a wave of the hormone, Oxytocin, which in-turn, promotes development of personal connection, a positive exchange and trust. Meanwhile, body language also acts as a domino effect of chemical reduction for the hormone, Cortisol, a devilish hormone otherwise known as the “stress hormone”. And abracadabra, whilst these responses occur, your on-looking employer is undergoing a mirrored process in reaction to your display of body language.

Sounds good, right? But, how do we make this magic into a reality? How can body language be expressed? Well, initiating this bodily process can be done in many ways; but I’ve made your life a little bit easier and narrowed down three important and simple ways to replicate this unreal response:

1. Flex your muscles. Not everyone is a gym junkie, so an ear-to-ear smile will do the trick.

2. Use your eyes. Do you remember a time in school when your teacher would ask a difficult question and you’d look down so she didn’t choose you? Me too. Making a steady amount of eye contact acts as a welcome or invitation for engagement in conversation.

3. Skin-to-Skin Fitting in a simple handshake before and after the interview will cement that chemical connection. Skin-to-Skin contact is one of the most powerful methods to developing a healthy bond.

So forget fancy vocabulary and flawless grammar, non-verbal communication is the new black. Watch the magic unravel as you perform these three easy solutions; Set the mood, establish an unforgettable connection and lead the way to an enchanted interview.

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