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Help Desk Job Description

Job Description

Provide a single point of contact to the organization for information technology related problems. Assist business customers with telephone, email or trouble ticket enquiries to resolve or escalate IT systems issues and problems. Provide support and incident management and client communications for IT systems faults and service requests.


  • Provide first line support for any information technology issues and problems.
  • Provide assistance by phone, email and/or using a ticket management system.
  • Track issues to resolution.
  • Update the internal knowledgebase with issue resolution details.
  • Track user account creation, changes and deletions.
  • Perform password resets and re-certify tokens.
  • Support computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and applications.
  • Monitor and escalate alerts from antivirus systems.
  • Monitor backup system alerts and escalate errors.
  • Maintain user accounts including rights, permissions and systems groups.
  • Manage critical incidents.
  • Escalate problems as required to Tier 2 and Tier 3 support teams.
  • Quickly and accurately determine incident scope and impact.
  • Follow up on tickets at pre-defined intervals until resolved.
  • Update daily status reports and shift handover reports.
  • Act as a liaison between customers and technical escalation teams.

Key Competencies

  • Customer Service
  • Planning & organizing
  • Problem Solving
  • Time management

Help Desk Skills and Experience

Employer Demand Skill
83% Previous Work Experience
54% Excellent Communication, Written and Verbal Skills
46% Customer Service Skills
46% Windows Skills or Experience
46% Proficiency in Active Directory
45% Knowledge of Network Basics
42% Word processing skills and spreadsheet applications (MS Office)
29% Email client skills (Microsoft Outlook)
13% Provide Mainframe support
13% Problem Solving Skills
13% Knowledge of VPN Basics(Virtual Private Networks)
8% Knowledge of Blackberry phone and Blackberry applications
4% Typing Speed


On average, roles requesting a degree paid between $6k - $7.5K more than roles that did not.

Employer Demand Qualification
32% Degree as either a preferred ot required qualification.
29% Other: jobs requested an IT certification in general but were not specific as to which certification.
21% ITIL
13% Comptia A+ or Network+
4% High School Diploma or GED
4% Microsoft Office Specialist


The following salary indicators were found for this role;

Role Roles Not Requesting a Degree Roles Requesting a Degree Top End
Salary $39K-$45K $45K-$52K $60K
Contract Rates $16/h-$20/h $35/h

Personal Attributes

Very good help desk staff not only close jobs quickly, but they leave a perception with the client of an organized, professional, friendly and competent IT department. For this reason, personal traits such as a friendly demeanor, attention to detail and communication skills are important characteristics for this role.

Attraction to the Position

Entry level job candidates may be attracted to this position because it is less technically intimidating than other Information Technology positions. This strength, however, can be a double edged sword because more experienced staff may begin to find the job boring as they seek to progress their skills and experience with new challenges.

Staff Retention Strategies for Employers

Employers may reduce staff turnover in this role by providing clear and distinct career paths within the organization, the department or the team. This gives staff something to work towards and variation that will help to reduce the monotony of the role.

Advantage Alert

The following data was derived by analyzing the common characteristics of advertised jobs. This data may be used to help job seekers to highlight, progress or develop skills that will be more attractive to a wider number of employers.

Key Notes

83% of researched help desk jobs requested previous experience - students and graduates may consider work experience for a broader selection of the job market.

54% or researched jobs mentioned "communication skills". These skills can be highlighted by way of a good cover letter, a well written resume and slick interview skills.

46% of researched jobs mentioned "Windows skills or experience", however less than 4% requested an MCSE certification. This suggests that certified candidates may exceed most employers expectations.

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