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Software Developer Cover Letter

Software Developer Cover Letter (9 Years VB.Net & C# Experience)

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Dear Mrs Johns,

The advertisement for a Software Developer on 17 August was particularly appealing because the nature of the work is closely related to my own career skills and experience.

I have 9 years of software development career experience that includes 5+ years of experience designing object oriented architectures and normalized databases. This work was primarily completed in VB.Net and C#.

Two products developed as a direct result of the aforementioned architectural work were brought to market in 2007 and 20010 respectively and are both now amongst market leaders in their class. Although these product are not the only market solutions that I have been involved with, they are noteworthy due to their remarkable growth and success. The products are called ProductX and ProductY.

In addition to object oriented development experience, I have also written a wide variety of HTML, Javascript, CSS and SQL queries. This kind of work has been primarily to present front end interfaces for complex systems.

Several of these solutions included cloud based application interfaces using Amazon AWS and Citrix XenServer platforms.

My training includes a Degree in Information Technology as well as in-house professional training in .NET (2.0, 3.5, 4.0), APIs and workflows. I have also worked extensively with production application modifications that have required formal ITIL change management practices.


Job Applicant

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