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Computer Support Technician Cover Letter

Computer Support Cover Letter
(Previous Experience)

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Re: Computer IT and Software Support

Dear Sir or Madam:

Your advertisement in The Newspaper X on 5 February was particularly appealing. I wish to apply for the vacancy and submit my details for your consideration.

My background, as outlined in the attached CV, enables me to meet your requirements – specifically:

• Enthusiastic and Motivated

You will find me an honest, hardworking person. In previous positions I have received acknowledgements of my work ethic.

- As a systems administrator at CollegeX I was promoted to IT Manager.

- As a network engineer at ITPathways Communications, I was presented a “2010 Superstar” award for excellent performance in my support role.

• Knowledge of Hardware, Software and Operating Systems

I have had experience with PC Hardware problems. This includes SCSI and RAID controllers on servers.

I have supported Microsoft Office, MySQL database and email clients in the past as well as several proprietary programs such as MAZE (database software).

The Operating systems I have experience with include Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Novell and Cisco IOS.

• Car License and eagerness to improve skills

I have a current open drivers license.

At present I am completing studies to gain my MCP. I will continue these studies and complete my MCSE this year.

• Windows 2008 server, Exchange 2010 and Linux

As a casual support position, I am currently installing Windows 2008 server at the Corporation X head office. I also support Exchange 2010 in that organisation.

I have installed and configured Suse Linux servers and workstations past roles. I ran Red Hat for several months at home as my workstation.

Thank you for your consideration. I would welcome the opportunity to present myself at an interview. I can be contacted on (07) 3333 3333 (home) or 0411 111 11111(mobile).

Yours truly,


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