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Computer Technician Cover Letter

Computer Technician Cover Letter
(No Experience)

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Dear Mrs Johns,

The advertisement for an Entry Level Computer Technician on 11 February was particularly appealing. I've enjoyed recently completing a computer hardware training course as well as four weeks of work experience and am eager to build on this experience.

Four subjects throughout my training were directly related to computer hardware theory. The subjects included 'PC architecture' where we looked at performance gains from 64bit architecture, 'Network Technologies' where we built and configured a Local Area Network, 'Operating Systems', where we explored drivers and OS troubleshooting tools and 'Web technologies' where we explored the business benefits of cloud computing.

This training complemented my work experience time in CompanyX Solutions Provider where I built PCs for customers. During this time I learned about the importance of Quality Assurance and Service Delivery. Despite my team leader recommending me for a temporary position, the company was not able to oblige at the time. I have attached a written reference and have provided contact details from this employer in my resume.

I look forward to finding similar employment to continue working hard and learning about the Computer Technician role. It is a career path that I am enthusiastic about and am naturally inclined towards.

Thank you for considering my application. I would welcome the opportunity to present myself at an interview and look forward to meeting you soon.


Job Applicant

Computer Technician Cover Letter
(Previous Experience)

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Re: Senior Technical PC Support

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am pleased to apply for the position of Computer Technician as advertised on job-website-XYZ on 1 August.

I am currently a senior technician at PC-Games-Shop-XYZ Pty. Ltd. and am looking for new opportunities as my company is undergoing a restructure. My current duties include troubleshooting Windows XP, Vista and 7 OS for home and business computers as well as hardware upgrades such as memory, cpu and video. My roles also involves consulting with customers and recommending hardware to meet their requirements.

In addition to hardware support, I also troubleshoot Internet and network TCP/IP connections. Most commonly ADSL connections, Wireless and Ethernet Switches.

Thank you for considering my application. I am a customer at your LocationX store and have always enjoyed the service and atmosphere there. I can be contacted on (07) 3333 3333 (home) or 0411 111 11111(mobile) at any time and am available for any follow up questions or an interview at your convenience.

Yours truly,


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