Technology supporting Technology

Sometimes technology is designed for the sole purpose of protecting or supporting other technology.

Successful IT systems are often seamlessly embedded into business processes. Software to produce invoices, for example, goes hand-in-hand with the closure of a sale.

Whether it’s biomedical systems in the health industry or safety systems in the oil/gas industry sometimes technology becomes so engrossed in the business workflow that its failure presents a significant risk to the operations of the business.

This is where the notion of technology supporting technology comes into play. It includes any solutions that have been designed specifically for the purpose of protecting or enhancing front line systems that support the business.

Backup and storage solutions are a good example. To put the size of the backup and storage market into perspective consider one of the leading players EMC Corp. EMC Corp enjoyed a market cap of $55B at the time of writing this article.

Other technology giants such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft also provide cloud based services that, amongst other things, can provide a variety of redundancy, storage and backup options for IT systems.

But technology supporting technology is not restricted to backup and storage; It presents itself in many other categories such as;

Virus software supporting applications and operating systems.

  • Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) supporting infrastructure.
  • Various networking protocols designed to provide redundancy support network device failure.
  • Monitoring software supporting applications and infrastructure.
  • Firewalls and security devices supporting end nodes.
  • Scanners supporting data integrity.

It can be difficult to justify expenditure on such systems because the business case is often founded on one or more ‘what if?’ scenarios rather than an immediately tangible benefit.

Technology supporting technology is most closely associated with the availability, resiliency, business continuity, disaster recovery streams.

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