Information Technology Sample Resumes

Every resume should pass five basic tests;

1. The two second presentation test. The appearance of the resume is a reflection on your personality. It is difficult to imagine an untidy resume being shortlisted regardless of the content.

2. The five second story test. Your resume should show your career, skills and experience at-a-glance. This is important in helping the assessor make a quick, but important decision on your suitability.

3. The credibility test. It's important that a chronological progression of your development is displayed. Everybody is going to claim to be an 'excellent worker' but displaying the history of your development gives you a lot more credibility to support your claims.

4. The brevity test. If your resume is more than two pages long you should consider areas that you could either summarise or remove. The assessor will be reviewing dozens in a single batch so it is unlikely a long resume will either be read or appreciated.

5. The consistency test. Your resume should display a consistent message throughout. You cannot be an expert in five different fields and experienced in ten industries. Sometimes less is more.

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